Betting Systems Introduction

      Whilst everybody likes a flutter on their favorite sport, whether it be the horses, football,tennis golf or anything else, nobody likes to lose their hard-earned money to the bookies.

Now imagine if you could increase your chances of picking winners? Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. Betting systems have been around for as long as people have been betting on horses – and the best betting systems can definitely help increase your chances of winning. The trick however is knowing which system to pick or avoid by looking at its long term results and the methodology used to choose the selections. Is the system based on
solid foundations? Is it something that is likely to continue winning? What is the strike rate and return on investment (ROI)?

What Are Horse Betting Systems?

Most people – whether they realize it or not – use a system of sorts when making a bet on the horses. Whether you choose a horse name that reminds you of your wife’s stunning looks or your son’s cheeky charm, you are using criteria that help you to select your horse. Horse betting systems, at their most basic, are just that – a systematic approach to choosing
horses based on a set of criteria. Not only do they aim to reduce the odds of losing but most importantly raise the possibilities of winning. Through careful analysis and sophisticated systems of rules, horse betting systems promise to help you pick the winners.

Other Betting Systems

There are many other betting systems out there including football betting systems, tennis betting systems, cricket betting systems and many more. As with horse racing systems, these systems attempt to identify a strategy that gives you an edge over the bookie – or to put it another way – over other gamblers. If you just bet the same way everyone else does by studying the form, you are unlikely to have an edge. Good betting systems look for a
different angle that is not used by the majority of punters, thus providing a chance to achieve odds that are above the selection’s true chances of winning.

Do They Work?

It depends! There is no shortage of betting systems available. Unfortunately, many of these systems do not work. Often making outrageous claims regarding guaranteed success and promised profits, they can sadly leave you uncomfortably out of pocket. When they do work however, they can really make a difference.

How to Choose the Best Systems?

So how can you sort the “wheat from the chaff” and select the best betting system for you?
One way to avoid spending lots of money on subscriptions to services that don’t work is to consult a reputable and trustworthy betting system review site. Often, these sites will test out different betting systems, paying the subscription fee, placing bets on the received horse tips and reporting back on the results. To make sure the reviews are fair and balanced, look for a site that posts a mixture of reviews that are not only positive, but also
negative and neutral. At we can help you find a sport betting system that works. By thoroughly reviewing each betting service and showing those that make clear profits, we identify not only the diamonds on our winning systems list but also the scams.

Some Great Betting Systems

Not only do we review betting systems on an ongoing basis, we develop our own betting systems to produce long term profits. Some of these systems are included in this guide in Part Two. But before we get to those, it is important to cover the key principles to becoming a successful – or even professional – punter. 

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

-Roman philosopher Seneca-


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